The mission of Fodelia is to grow Finnish food-industry companies into flourishing, international success stories and to help maintain the vitality of Finnish food production. Our company vision is to bring vigour to the Finnish food industry.

The cornerstones of our strategy are:

  • The ownership and long-term development of viable food industry companies while increasing shareholder value
  • Supporting the profitable growth of group companies in Finland and abroad
  • Promoting new, innovative and responsibly produced products as our USP
  • Identifying new growth opportunities

Key objectives for the implementation of the strategy are:

  • Increasing Feelia’s business operations across all customer segments in Finland with a focus on municipal food services
  • Developing digital solutions for Feelia’s service business, such as managing product information, nutrition information, orders and deliveries and minimising food waste
  • Expanding Feelia’s business operations in the Nordic region
  • Challenging the Finnish snack food market by introducing new products and working as a reliable supply partner for Finnish retailers
  • Promoting the global growth of snack food market and responding to the global demand for oat snacks