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Fodelia grows Finnish food companies into flourishing success stories so that consumers can enjoy locally and responsibly produced clean food. Our business areas are ready meal manufacturer Feelia, that operates in Foodservice market, and Fodelia Retail, that concentrates on retail customers and E-Commerce business. Fodelia Retail includes Feelia e-commerce FodNet, snack food manufacturer Real Snacks, Perniön Liha, one of Finland’s oldest sausage factories and Pita Factory, which produces pita bread and snack products.

Also part of Fodelia group are our subsidiary Marjavasu and our joint venture Fodbar, which provides a cost-effective all-in-one solution for outsourcing food services. 

Financial Statement Bulletin 2023

The official Financial Statement Bulletin is published in Finnish. The English translation is an unofficial translation of the the summary release.

The English summary of the bulletin

The official Financial Statement Bulletin (in Finnish)

Presentation materials

Key figures 2023

49,0 M€

net sales

2,5 M€



Employees on average

On this website, you can find Fodelia’s key figures, strategy, financial targets and forecast for 2023 in a nutshell. For more information in Finnish, please visit The official language for the company’s communications is Finnish.

Investor relations

In matters related to investor relations, please contact Fodelia Oyj CEO Mikko Tahkola. 

Mikko Tahkola
Chief Executive Officer 
+358 40 829 0195 


The below analyst analyses Fodelia Oyj and prepares investment analyses of Fodelia Oyj. Fodelia is not responsible for the content or estimates presented in the analyses.

Inderes Oy
Pauli Lohi
+358 451 347 790

Juho Saarinen
+358 10 252 4408