Our vision

We bring vigour of growth to the Finnish food industry.

Our mission

We grow Finnish food-industry companies into flourishing, international success stories and empower domestic food production.

Our values


We commit ourselves to locally produced, clean and high-quality food, Finnish raw materials and a responsible production process. Our activities support local businesses, and we want to offer opportunities for rural businesses and employees.

For Finnish food

For us, it is essential to keep Finnish food production vigorous and the ownership in domestic hands. Finnish food has tremendous possibilities to succeed in Finland and abroad, and every day, we work with this goal in our minds.

Entrepreneurs at heart

We are entrepreneurs and committed to developing the company on a long-term basis. We react quickly and are flexible and agile in our actions. Our entrepreneurial attitude is what separates us from large players. We exist to solve our customers’ challenges.

High quality

We use only the best raw materials. Our production is clean. All our operations aim for superior quality and the best customer experience.


We are a demonstration of how even a small company can reach international markets as long as it has innovative product development and insightful concepts. Our inventiveness is what separates us from our competitors.