Responsibility at Fodelia

Fodelia’s responsibility themes are society and economy, products and services, people and the environment.

It is important for us to take into account different areas of responsibility in both our strategy and our daily actions and choices. Fodelia’s responsibility work is based on our strategy, values, ethical code of conduct and company culture. It is also supported by the Group Governance Model, management system, remuneration system, quality systems and risk management principles.

Society and economy

Society and economy – Value for stakeholders
We operate as part of society. We create financial wellbeing by investing in growth and by paying taxes and dividends, among other means. Our production facilities are located in Finland, and we are a significant employer. As a growth company, our goal is to offer our shareholders a stable and profitable investment.

Jobs and local wellbeing
We are part of the Finnish food production chain and contribute to the self-sufficiency of Finnish food production. Our Group’s production facilities are located in Pyhäntä, Kokkola, Salo, Jokioinen and Kuopio. We contribute to the local economy as a significant employer, taxpayer and investor. Through our operations, we support the local communities of our production facilities. In addition to our own personnel, we create jobs indirectly by sourcing raw materials, products and services from other companies, for example.

Financial targets

  • Group net sales target of over EUR 100 million in 2026
  • Group operating profit margin of approximately 8–10%
  • Group return on investment of over 10%
  • Group interest-bearing liabilities in relation to EBITDA below 3
  • The company strives to distribute at least 35% of its earnings as dividends to shareholders

Products and services

Products and services – Delicious and local

For us, product responsibility means domestic origin, high-quality and traceable raw materials, and quality-certified production in our facilities. We want to provide high-quality customer service and invest in the continuous improvement of customer experience. Product safety and high product quality are the cornerstones of our operations and based on controlled processes and high-quality raw materials. 

We want to be a responsible link in the food supply chain

We favour domestic raw materials due to shorter transport distances and for food safety reasons. Up to about 80% of the raw materials we use is domestically sourced. We strive to keep our supply chains as short as possible. As a rule, raw materials we import from abroad are those which are not available in Finland.

Fodelia’s production facilities have the following certifications

  • Feelia, Pyhäntä: FSSC 22000 certification
  • Feelia, Kokkola: ISO 22000 certification
  • Real Snacks, Pyhäntä: BRCGS certification
  • Pita Factory, Jokioinen: BRCGS certification
  • Perniön Liha, Salo: FSSC 22000 certification


  • 100% quality certified production
  • Zero recalls
  • High degree of domestic origin
  • Focus on the development of plant-based products


People – A responsible employer and partner

Competent and professional personnel are our company’s most valuable resource. Fodelia’s goal is to be an attractive and trusted employer. We support our employees’ job satisfaction, wellbeing and professional development. We invest in a healthy and safe working environment and offer employees sports and exercise benefits and health and wellness services by our partners. In 2022, we employed 134 people.

Fodelia has an ongoing employee share savings scheme, through which we offer the Group’s permanent employees the opportunity to invest in the company’s shares. We also have a performance-based pay system for the Group’s employees.


  • Zero accidents at work
  • Sickness absences below industry average
  • 100% of personnel covered by performance reviews
  • We support sports and culture at €150/year/employee
  • We track employee satisfaction with an electronic tool


Environment – Production that cares for the environment

We want to do our part to reduce the environmental impact of food production, distribution and consumption. In 2022, we calculated the carbon footprints of our Group’s products and set a target to achieve net zero emissions by 2035 in our own operations and supply chains. We are seeking the ISO 14001 environmental management certification for all our units.

Our sustainable food production relies on Finnish primary production

Finnish primary production is safe and environmentally sustainable. Choosing Finnish raw materials is a decision that we make based on our values. The best raw materials also guarantee high-quality products and ensure traceability.

We have identified the environmental aspects of our operations and constantly strive to improve them. The lifecycle assessment of a food product includes identifying environmental emissions throughout the product’s lifecycle, from farm to fork and ultimate disposal. The supply chain of domestic raw materials is short, which reduces the climate load of transport and guarantees flexible deliveries of materials according to need.

We aim for net zero emissions

Our work towards net zero emissions is progressing in cooperation with various stakeholders. The focus is on identifying product-specific lifecycle impacts and minimising negative effects. We prevent and limit the amount of our wastewater produced in our operations. Water consumption at our production units is typically affected by the industry’s high level of hygiene, allergen control and the use of water both in food products themselves and in processes such as washing or cooking. Waste management at our production facilities is organised in accordance with local waste management regulations to improve recycling rate.


  • Calculating carbon footprint at the product level
  • Reducing water and energy consumption
  • Reducing the use of packaging materials, identifying more sustainable packaging solutions
  • Logistics optimisation, route planning
  • Reducing waste and loss