Top-quality food

For us, product responsibility means carefully selected, clean and safe ingredients, traceability of ingredients and hygienic production in our production facilities. We use only the best ingredients. The majority of e.g. our potatoes comes from EU High-Grade areas in Tyrnävä and Liminka. As few pesticides as possible are used.

Our companies have been granted certificates for food safety. Feelia factory in Pyhäntä has FSSC 22000 certificate and Feelia Kokkola factory has ISO 22000 certificate. Also the Real Snacks factory has ISO 6.1 certificate and Perniön Liha factory has FSSC 22000 certificate. Our corn snacks are certified organic, and our oat snacks are certified gluten-free.

Local ingredients, responsible food chain

We are well aware of the origin of our ingredients and disclose it to consumers in each package. Potatoes used in our potato chips are 100% Finnish. The domestic content of the ingredients in our pre-cooked ready meals is over 80%. Our aim is to use primarily domestic ingredients whenever they are available.

Healthy and tasty

We want to help improve Finnish daily eating habits for our part. We offer healthy pre-cooked foods that are fast to prepare and do not contain any additives. Our goal is to develop even healthier meals and, for example, snack products that follow dietary recommendations.

Less waste

The pre-cooked foods made with Feelia’s patented autoclave technology are non-perishable and requires very little storage space. Responsible food production that avoids waste at its best. We strive to minimise food waste, not only in production but also in consumption. Therefore, we have also carefully considered the package sizes that we offer.

Production that cares for the environment

In our factories, all pre-cooked meals are prepared with domestic biogas, which also heats up the factory. Organic waste is composted and returned to the fields. Packaging materials for ingredients are recyclable.

The oil used to fry the potato chips is a mixture of sunflower oil and rapeseed oil; we do not use palm oil.

As our contractors are located close to the production facility, the environmental impact of transports is kept on a responsible level.

Long-standing owner, local employer

The company is owned by the founders, who are also committed to developing the company on a long-term basis.

Our production facilities are located in Pyhäntä, Kokkola, Salo, Kuopio and in Jokioinen. We want to offer opportunities in rural areas for both businesses and employees.