Our strengths

Agile and evolving

We own profitably growing companies that operate in a developing food market.

As a small and local company, we can react to customer needs quickly and flexibly, resulting in the best innovations and unique products.

Domestic, high-quality food

In our business operations, we invest in locally manufactured products with high-quality raw materials sourced from nearby and with a high degree of domestic content.

The traceability of raw materials is excellent. The certificates granted to our companies show that we are committed to the development of food safety and responsible food production.

Unique innovations and own product development

Innovative snack products, food-service concepts tailored to various customer groups and patented autoclave technology in food production
are the success recipes of our business operations.


We operate responsibly in every phase of the food chain, from sourcing raw materials from farmers through production all the way to the consumer. Above all, responsibility means carefully selected, clean and safe raw materials, traceability of raw materials, hygienic production and packaging in our production facilities that considers the environment as well as a short transport of raw materials.