Fodelia’s roots

Fodelia’s roots are firmly in Pyhäntä in Northern Ostrobothnia, where northern nature offers its best.

In the first act of our story in 1979, our predecessor Pyhännän Einestuotanto begins operating a potato chip factory with equipment acquired from the US. Five years later, Raisio Group becomes the owner of the factory. In 2001, the factory is transferred to its current ownership, and Real Snacks is founded.

At first, the main emphasis is on manufacturing private label brands for grocery shop. In 2005, the company’s own brand hits the Finnish potato chip shelves. Exports start in 2010. In 2017, we start to consider what we could produce from oats, a former feed and a modern health food. The international success story of oat snacks begins when Real Snacks brings a gluten-free oat-based snack to the international markets in 2017. To this day, there is no corresponding product available on the global markets. The production capacity is fine-tuned for growth and internationalisation.

Feelia’s business operations were established to meet our ambition to use innovative autoclave technology in food production. Through experiments and development work, Feelia’s business operations begin in 2007. The company is funded by its owners and Tekes. The food factory in Pyhäntä is completed in 2013, and the production capacity is expanded in 2016. Exports to Sweden begin the following year.

In 2018, Feelia invests in yet another new factory to respond to increasing demand and to prepare for the internationalisation of the company.

In 2019, the nine owners of Feelia and Real snacks, including long-standing and original founders of the companies, decide to found a holding company to promote the profitable growth and internationalisation of Feelia and Real snacks. Fodelia started operating in summer 2019. Fodelia’s companies employ 128 professionals.