Real Snacks

Real Snacks is a potato chip factory founded in Northern Finland in 2001. The company manufactures potato chips and corn and oat snacks from primarily Finnish raw materials for both the domestic market and exports to more than 10 countries.

Our goal is to challenge the Finnish snack markets by bringing experimental and pleasantly surprising flavour combinations that stand out from the rest to consumers’ shopping baskets. Our customers include retail stores and central wholesale businesses in Finland as well as importers and retail stores operating in our export target countries. Approximately one third of our revenue comes from our own brand sales and approximately three quarters from sales of grocery shops’ private label brands.

We offer a wide range of products, from crispy potato chips to the additive-free corn snacks that children love. We are particularly proud of the gluten-free oat-based snacks that have less fat and more fibre, which we launched as the first company in the world.

Our unwavering principle is to use only Finnish potatoes, which we acquire from contract farmers within a radius of 150 kilometres from the factory where the potatoes are washed, peeled, fried, seasoned and packaged. We proudly mark every bag with the name of the farm that grew the potatoes. Most of our potatoes come from EU High-Grade areas in Liminka and Tyrnävä.

Real Snacks is part of Fodelia Retail.