Pita Factory

Pita Factory in Jokioinen manufactures Finnish high-quality snack products and pita bread for consumers and trade, as well as subcontracting to the food industry.

Pita Factory is a master of hand eating. The Pita Factory bakery produces delicious Pita, Naan and Lavash breads, bread pockets, the world’s only rye pitas and tasty snack products. Pita Factory’s own product range includes pita breads and pita kebabs.

Fast food can also be good and healthy. Pita Factory’s products are domestic high-quality snack products. The meat and bread are 100% Finnish and of top quality. Bread comes from Jokioinen in Kanta-Häme and meat from Ostrobothnia.

Pita Factory delivers delicious snack products to stores fresh or packaged. In addition, the company subcontracts to several domestic quality operators. Versatile and modern packaging technology is used. Frozen foods and fresh produce are also available, and Pita Factory also offer product development. 

Pita Factory is part of Fodelia Retail business area.