Perniön Liha

Perniön Liha is a small sausage manufacturer with the opportunity to manufacture and develop high quality products. We can be sure of the quality of our products and especially that the products we sell under our Perniön and Helsingin Makkaratehdas brands are made by professional sausage makers.

Perniön Liha Oy is a family company operating in Salo and one of the oldest sausage factories in Finland, which turned 90 years in March 2020.

Perniön Liha’s main products are specialty sausages made from natural casings and liver sausages, which are sold under the Perniön and Helsingin Makkaratehdas brands. Our most famous products are, for example, our potato sausage Perunamakkara created with a medieval recipe, Rukiinen Riistaryynäri made from venison and Yönakki sausage, a delicacy made with almost the same recipe for 50 years, which Akateeminenn Kiuasseura has chosen as the best natural crust sausage ever.

We work as much as possible with nearby producers and use as little additives as possible. 

Although our factory’s modern and flexible production process allows for sufficient capacity, the production of sausages and meat products is still almost like a handicraft for us. There is also an authentic, wood-heated smoke sauna on our premises, where our sauna service ham matures to match its reputation.

Perniö Meat’s sausages have won several awards over the years and it is Finland’s most award-winning meat processor in the 21st century.

Perniön Liha is part of Fodelia Retail.