Business operations

Fodelia has two business areas. Feelia concentrates on customers at the Foodservice market, and Fodelia Retail concentrates on retail customers and consumer e-commerce. From 1st of July 2022, Fodelia Retail includes snacks producer Real Snacks, Perniön Liha, one of the oldest sausage makers in Finland. Also Pita bread maker Pita Factory and Feelia Ruokakauppa belong to Fodelia Retail. A part of our Group is also our subsidiary Marjavasu, and our joint venture Fodbar, who provides municipalities, cities and private companies an easy and cost-effective all-in-one solution for outsourcing food services.

For us, it is of paramount importance to empower Finnish food production. Finnish food has tremendous opportunities in Finland and abroad, and every day, we work with this goal in our minds.