Founded in 2007, Feelia is a freshly thinking manufacturer of pre-cooked meals. The products are made from domestic raw materials with the flavours and nutrients intact. The hand-made pre-cooked foods produced with a patented autoclave technology are of high quality, non-perishable and require very little storage space.

Our product family includes a wide and varied selection of soups, stews, casserole dishes and sauces, among others. They are ready without cooking as they need only liquid and a quick heating. All this reduces the time, investment, costs and labour needed for the preparation of food.

Proper food is a foundation of good life, which we think everyone deserves. Our tasty and healthy food is enjoyed in schools, care homes, lunch and personnel restaurants, filling stations, shops, food trucks and around dining tables at homes, among other places. Our clients include municipalities, care companies, lunch restaurants, central wholesale businesses, wholesalers and households.

We have a heavily customer-oriented product development and cost-effective production. Most of the vegetables and root vegetables come from within less than a two-hour journey from the factory. We trace each raw material carefully, which means that you can trust the safety of our food.

In addition to Finland, we also operate in the Swedish market, and our aim is to gain a foothold even in the other Nordic markets. Our Pyhäntä production facility is tuned for growth, as we have expanded the factory several times during 2013–2021 and automated our production processes. The newest 5000 square meter extension was completed and brought to use during spring 2021.

Feelia’s business was supplemented by Beofood’s tasty and high-quality meat and vegetable products when Beofood Oy merged with Feelia on September 30, 2020. The Kokkola production plant produces lactose-free and gluten-free vegetable steaks, meatballs, skewers and strips for the domestic market and for export.