Founded in 2007, Feelia is a freshly thinking manufacturer of pre-cooked meals. The hand-made pre-cooked foods produced with a patented autoclave technology are of high quality, non-perishable and require very little storage space. Feelia produces all of it’s products in in Pyhäntä and Kokkola. Feelia is lead by the CEO Jukka Ojala.

Feelia’s product portfolio includes a wide and varied selection of soups, stews, casserole dishes and sauces, among others. In addition Feelia has a special diet selection with more than over 30 products.

Feelia concentrates on Foodservice market customers. Feelia’s delicious and healthy food is being served at schools, care homes, lunch and personnel restaurants, traffic stations, at stores, events and at homes. Feelia’s clients include municipalities, care companies, lunch restaurants, central wholesale businesses, wholesalers and households. The long shelf life of the products helps our customers to reduce their own food waste.

The product development at Feelia is strongly customer-oriented, and the production is cost-efficient. Over 80 per cent of the ingredients used in products are domestic. Domestic Raw materials are used whenever it is possible. Most of the vegetables and roots have less than two hour journey to the factory.

Feelia is one of Fodelia’s business areas.